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Introduction » Contents » A New Era: Electronic Publishing

2.2 Electronic Publishing of GAE Project

³       Objectives

§         Design and develop complete electronic publishing of the third edition of the GAE, with all its parts, enhanced by extra multimedia elements, and powerful search and browse capabilities.

§         Use the most open Internet techniques to facilitate the displaying of the GAE on the Internet to be accessible for the millions.

§         Flexible mechanism for promotion and updating of both data and multimedia.

§         Design and develop a bilingual suite of tools for electronic publishing which can be used in many other electronic publishing projects, and in developing more cultural projects that can be extracted from the GAE.


³        Strategy

§         Use modern and open Internet technologies.

§         Build and develop self-capabilities.


³        End Results

§         An electronic version of GAE with continually updated content and additional media including  sound and video clips.

§         Promotional  portal site with appealing sampled content.

§         Visitors registration software.

§         Database of thousands questions with links to content in GAE.

§         Random selection of sampled contented  for display within the portal site.

§         Random or user-selected theme selection.