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1.6  First Edition of the GAE

³         Translation, including editing and revision of 17,554 entries, out of the source encyclopedia’s total of 23,625 entries in World Book Encyclopedia.

³         Deletion of 6,071 entries (including 895 articles, 2,182 biographies of foreign figures and 2,994 key cross-references The criteria applied for deletion have been lack of value of an entry, as far as human knowledge is concerned, lack of verification of an entry, or incongruity with the purposes of adaptation.

³         Addition of 3,309 entries (including 584 articles, 1,603 biographies on leading Arab and Islamic biographies, as well as on 45 leading foreign figures overlooked in the source encyclopedia, and 1,077 key cross-references.

³         Addition of over 3000 pictures, photos, and illustrations, most of which are relevant to Arab and Islamic interests.