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1.5   GAE Work Strategy and Methods

³         Review of a number of major international encyclopedias as far as selection and coverage of contents, presentation of information, and artistic production.

³         A committee of highly qualified scientific editors   has been formed and based in the project preparation office to report on what should be included in a comprehensive and general Arabic encyclopedia.

³         Preparation of the principles and guidelines of authorship (writing of new material), translation, editing and technical production. Manuals and specifications or adaptations: writing, translations, editing, reduction, expansion, and rewriting, and page layouts have been all set in writing and approved.

³         A plenary committee has been formed to read the World Book Encyclopedia, with an aim to identify areas targeted for deletion, addition or correction.

³         Nomination of articles and materials on various areas and aspects of Arab and Islamic life which should be included in a major comprehensive Arabic Encyclopedia.

³         Tens of qualified and specialist authors were recruited to write thousands  articles on Islam,  Arab and Islamic cultures, societies and  related biographies and themes.

³         Solid conditions were established for the selection of writers, translators, editors, and technician of remarkable qualifications to join the project.

³         Translated materials were referred to leading academic authorities in the same academic fields for editing, and the passed to others for revision and approval.

³         A plenary committee of specialists in Islamic Sharia and Arabic Language has been recruited to make sure that GAE is free of pitfalls and to maintain accuracy of language.