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1.4   Collaboration with World Book Incorporation

³         Following review of a number of English language world encyclopedias, World Book Encyclopedia was chosen to be translated with adaptations. It was decided that natural sciences and technology materials of the World Book Encyclopedia would form the counter base with adaptation in the GAE in Arabic.

³         A licensing agreement was concluded with World Book, Inc. Chicago U.S.A . the publishers of the World Book Encyclopedia. In comparison with other encyclopedias written in English, World Book Encyclopedia stands out with the following advantages:

§           Meets a great deal of research, study and professional needs of  general, non-specialist information.

§           Covers most basic scientific subjects in a balanced and comprehensive format  to meet  everyday reference needs of persons of all age groups and in all walks of life.

§           Attempts to focus on the international dimension, rather than the exclusive emphasis on western culture, in presenting the information.

§           Addresses and presents information in an authentic and credible way.

§           Features an abundance of scientific and educational illustration aids that bring to life the information presented.

In 1992, a licensing agreement was concluded with World Book Inc in Chicago, U.S.A. The agreement allowed EW to utilize texts and illustrations of World Book Encyclopedia to be translated into Arabic and adapted for the Global Arabic Encyclopedia.