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1.3   Objectives of the Global Arabic Encyclopedia


The Global Arabic Encyclopedia seeks to achieve a number of objectives, namely:

          1.        To present varied, comprehensive, integrated material, with no tendency to get into specialized in-depth details, in all field of human knowledge, seeking to use easy, accurate and clear Arabic language.

          2.        To target a wide readership of various different age groups, orientations, as well as disparate educational, cultural and social backgrounds.

          3.        To ensure accuracy of information with respect to Islam and other heavenly religions.

          4.        To ensure fairness and impartiality with respect to Arabs, Moslems and related cultures, as well as to nations of other countries and their cultures.

          5.        To project credibility, impartiality and comprehensive coverage.

          6.        To establish a new cultural experience in contemporary Arab history at the level of  major all-inclusive encyclopedias productions.