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1.2   What is the Global Arabic Encyclopedia (GAE)?

³         GAE is the first major truly comprehensive general encyclopedia throughout the history of Arab and Islamic culture.

³         Based in part on the international edition of the World Book Encyclopedia,  teams of 1000 scholars, authors, translators, editors, proof-readers, technicians, consultants and establishments from the Arab countries have contributed to the production of GAE.

³         Presentation of varied, comprehensive, updated and integrated materials with credibility, impartiality and wide coverage.

³         30 splendid volumes in more than 17,000 pages, including Arabic-English/Arabic , English-Arabic dictionary of the main entries and index.

³         About 24,000 main entries, and about 150,000 research material-titles and subtitles, terms,  works names - all listed alphabetically in the index.

³         About 20,000 illustrations:  12,000 photos, 2,500 maps, 4,000 charts, 1000 tables and 500 sound tracks, animations and video shots.

³         A fully reference source in various areas of knowledge which is important for school, university, home, office and different firms and strata of the society.