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2)   Global Arabic Encyclopedia, Source of Information

Encyclopedia Works Cultural Production Company (EWCPCO), for more than ten years, studied, executed and distributed the project of Global Arabic Encyclopedia (GAE) in the Arabic language, which is the largest information project of its kind in the Arab and Islamic countries in connection with contents, methodology and size. The Encyclopedia is composed of 30 splendid volumes, 17,000 pages, 24,000 main entries, 150,000 research materials, 20,000 photos, maps, illustrations and statistical tables.

About 3000 scholars and specialists from the East and the West have contributed the basis for the work in addition to  1,000 institutions, researchers, writers, university staff members, scientific editors, technicians, proofreaders and consultants from different parts of the Arab and Islamic world.

The Publishing House of the Encyclopedia: (EWCPCO) was very much concerned with introducing the information in a balanced manner in order to contribute, hopefully, to a better education and a more positive dialogue among cultures, for the sake of more mutual respect, and for the realization of peace and cooperation among the peoples.

The first edition (paper print) of the Global Arabic Encyclopedia was published in 1996, and the second revised paper print edition was published in 1999.

The electronic online version was published in 2004.

Encyclopedia Works Cultural Production Company (EWCPCO) has a long experience in administering and executing information projects. It has also an advanced database in its headquarters in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and the supporting offices and branches in Dammam (Saudi Arabia) and Bahrain. The publisher also owns some technologies developed for displaying the GAE on Internet.

Information on Islam and Muslims has been extracted from the Global Arabic Encyclopedia, and the materials are ready for translation into English first (then into other languages), editing, revision, and later, launching on the net.