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1)  Introduction

Globally, the mutual interests among the peoples are increasing . At the same time, the false generalizations about the peoples, their cultures and beliefs are increasing more. This is evidenced by what is diffused by some of the Western means of information regarding the unjust conceptions about Islam, Muslims and their cultures.

For these reasons as well for formal and informal educational reasons, the advocates of peace, cooperation between the peoples and  positive dialogue among cultures, whether in Governments, well established financial institutions, and media are all invited to use IT media for more fruitful cultural relations among the peoples of the world on the basis of genuine information, not political propaganda, conducive to more appreciation and respect.

In the Islamic context, it appears that the lack of detailed sufficient information about Islam and Muslims manipulated some groups and individuals in the Western Societies to generalize unjustly about Islam and Muslims. The false generalizations about Islam and Muslims were not only limited to the crisis of the eleventh of September 2001, but had been there and continued for centuries prior to the sad and terrible event. On the other hand, it is equally true that the lack of balanced and detailed information about the Western and Eastern Societies predisposed a lot of Muslims, and will prejudice them, to generalize falsely. The fact is that good people who are dedicated for work, production, responsible freedom, of genuine attitudes  to serve themselves and humanity at large, are  found in the West, the East as well as in the Arab and Islamic countries and everywhere.

In order to contribute positively and practically to formal and informal education and to fruitful multicultural dialogue, Encyclopedia Works Cultural Production Company (EWCPCO) aspires to present the Global Arabic Encyclopedia (GAE) in Arabic www.mawsoah.net ; and Islamic Culture Project in Many Languages on Internet (ICMAL): www.icmal.net